What ski pass should I get?

A ski pass is not included in the price of our lessons and is obligatory in order to access the ski lifts. Please get your ski pass beforehand.

For kids: 

  • Kids under 5 are entitled to a free ski pass; this just needs to be collected with proof of age from the ski lift tills. You only have to pay for support, and you can reuse your ski passes from previous years if you already have them.
  • Kids over 5 at Ourson to 2ème étoile level can get a 6 day ski pass at a discount, allowing them also to ski around Saint-Gervais. Please provide proof of sign-up to the group lessons.

For beginners (5 and above): 

  • On the first day, there is no need for a ski pass (except the pedestrian ski pass which to take the chair lift from the village to the snow front). Depending on your group, as soon as the second or third day (your instructor will specify at the end of the lesson), the Saint-Nicolas micro ski pass is needed. At the end of the week, the Saint-Nicolas ski pass could be required depending on the level of the group.
  • The Saint-Nicolas micro ski pass allows you to access the Plateau de la Croix, an ideal space for beginners. You will have access to the Chef Lieu chair lift, as well as to the Débutant and Plateau drag lifts.
  • The Saint-Nicolas ski pass allows access to the drag lifts of Plateau, Débutant, Vanay, Gouet, as well as to the chair lifts of Chef-lieu, Chattrix, Croix du Christ, Epaule and Mont-Joly.

For intermediate and experienced levels: 

  • Opt for the Saint-Nicolas ski pass and discover our ski area: you will be able to access the drag lifts for Plateau, Débutant, Vanay, Gouet, as well as the chair lifts of Chef-lieu, Chattrix, Croix du Christ, Epaule and Mont-Joly.
  • For group lessons from 2ème and 3ème étoile level, the Saint Nicolas ski pass is required.
  • For group lessons starting from Étoile de bronze, the Evasion Mont-Blanc ski pass is required.
More info on our Saint-Nicholas ski passes

For those who wish to discover the whole skiing area:

  • Opt for the Evasion Mont-Blanc ski pass. Although it isn't necessary if you simply wish to take group lessons below 3ème étoile level, it will be required above this level.
Evasion Mont-Blanc ski pass